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My name is Anna, and I am a London escort. I have not always been a top VIP girl here in London. Before I arrived in this lovely city called London, I used to enjoy escorting gents in Stockholm Sweden. You see, at heart I am a bit of a snowdrop but at the same time, I have a hot fire that rages within me. I can be cool or as hot as you like. But the thing is, I just love to escort and since arriving in London, I have been able to meet so many nice gents. The truth is that my dating diary is rather full, but I might just be able to fit another gent in. Will that be you?

Swedish London escort Anna Nilsson

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Are you a lonely boy? Since, I have been working as a London escorts, I have noticed that there are a lot of lonely men in London. As a woman I find this rather sad and I know that we all need companionship. Rather than you sitting on your own tonight, nursing that bottle of beer, I would like you to come and see me. I promise you that I will be a good girl and show you what being a London escort is all about.

I will greet you at my door, wearing a fur coat. Now, tell me, what would you like me to wear underneath that fur coat. I can wear as little or as much as you would like. You see, I may have a passion for nice lingerie, but I don’t mind slipping it off just for you. Mind you, I have to be honest and say that I don’t show all gents what is underneath, I am after all a good Swedish girl who enjoys to be bad on occasion.

Escorting is an art form

I don’t know how other escorts look at escorting, but I see it as an art form. Many of the gents that I meet say that I am their favorite London escort as I do lavish my attention on them. When you enter my boudoir, I will do so much more than slip your coat off. I am sure that any London escort would be happy to take your coat, but would else would they offer. I know, it all depends on what you are looking for, but I think that you had better whisper that to me in person.

Would you like to have a really good time tonight? It doesn’t so much matter to me what we do as long as we both have a good time. As a London escort, I like to make the most out of my dates and truly enjoy myself as well. Listen, I don’t like gents who are selfish and don’t look after their girls. It is so much nicer to be able to date gents who like to show a lady a good time as well. If, you are one of those gents, you are more than welcome to visit my boudoir any time you like.

I am a London escort like no other

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My last date said that ” I am a London escort like not other”. I thought that was such a sweet thing to say, and after all, we had just enjoyed some exciting pleasures together. If you would like to meet a London escort who takes the pleasure principle seriously, you may want to come and meet me. I know how to have fun on a spiritual level as well as a physical level. When you visit me, I will start off by getting to know you slowly, and after that, I would perhaps make things a bit more exciting for the both of us.

I like to play, but then again, you may have met another London escort who says just that. On this occasion, it is true and I like to play a lot off different games. Some of them are games that I have brought with me from Sweden, others are games that I have learned from my gents here in London. You English gents like to tease and please don’t you, but you know, you should not tease a Swedish girl, she may just think that you are naughty. If, you are a naughty boy during your time with me, I will make sure that you know.

Would you like a spank or something more gentle?

I am not afraid to tell off my visiting gents. During my time here in London, I have come across some really naughty gents and they will just have to be told off. Now, I like naughty boys just as much as the next London escort, but the way I deal with them is different. In Sweden, we have a lot of naughty boys as well, and from my experience as a Swedish escort, I know exactly what to do. If, you are a bit too naughty, I will just have to get really naughty myself.

Do you have a dream London escort? If, you don’t have a dream London escort, I would like a chance to be your girl. There are so many pleasures that I would like you to experience, and I promise, when you leave my boudoir, you will be more than satisfied. If, you are not, you will just have to tell me and stay for some more fun. But, I only let boys who are good at being bad stay. Are you one of those? If, you are you are more than welcome to stay for a bit longer.

If you are in the mood for a London escort who enjoys to have fun as much as you do, I am your girl. If, you would like to experience something different on your date this Friday night, you are more than welcome to come and see me for some fun my way. Maybe you are just lonely. I tell you what, that is fine as well. As a London escort, I like to relax a little, perhaps we could do that over a drink or two…